Can type 2 diabetes be cured

If you suffer from diabetes, the most important information you should know is that it is extremely important to control your weight and naturally lower your blood sugar level. And you do not have to be taking insulin the rest of your lives to do these 2 things. You can do it with a new diet that is having doctors scratch their heads in disbelief.


When you have diabetes the worst thing you can eat is sugar. Unless of course you need it for an emergency. Otherwise sugar is definitely the enemy. You goal is to keep your blood sugar level normal and a candy bar is not the answer to that.

STOP adding sugar in any form to the foods you eat or drink. Your blood sugar is high because you are consuming too much of it. But don’t stop here. Read the labels on the packaged, prepared foods you buy. Many, if not most are loaded with sugar. And this includes that “nightmare substitute” many food processors are now using-High Fructose Corn Syrup!


In 2003, researchers from Duke discovered that patients who tried low carb and high fat diets were very likely to reverse or cure diabetes altogether. In fact, the results of their 16 week study showed that 17 out of 21 diabetic patients who participated were able to significantly reduce their medication (insulin) or discontinue use altogether. Research also shows that working out regularly (5 times per week) will actually allow cells to repair and make new cells that are not resistant to insulin.

Simple carbohydrates are not what you need to eat if you have plans on lowering your blood sugar without medication. Simple carbohydrates like white bread, candy, white pasta, etc. enter your bloodstream too quickly causes the spike in your blood glucose. Stick to whole wheat/whole grain products. These types of food sources absorb much slower.


You should also increase your vegetable intake. Vegetables are also high in water soluble fiber but they also are very low in sugar and calories. You should eat as many vegetables a day as you wish (we suggest at least 4 servings).

Eel is beneficial to your heart and liver and can also supplement blood. Modern study shows that eel contains substances that can reduce the level of blood sugar. It has been heard that Japanese experts have extract two kinds of substance from eel and made them into a kind of medicine which can be used to cure diabetes naturally.

It is always advisable to make a diet list according to calories from a doctor or a dietitian. It will make your work much easier. You can have fishes, soy and poultry meat. While in fruits, you can have apples, which can be considered as best diabetic treatment .These can be the best tips to diabetes naturally without injecting insulin.



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