Cure diabetes in 30 days

One of the leading causes of global death is still diabetes and many are looking for ways to cure diabetes in 30 days.

Although it can be managed through consistent treatments or medication and a good diet program, having this chronic illness is burdensome, not to mention that it still claims at least 200,000 deaths annually in America. When you have diabetes, your body does not produce insulin or it does not properly use it.

Cure diabetes in 30 days

The French are the healthiest people in the world! Why? Well, one of the reasons is that they use a lot of vinegar in their meals. Studies have proven that sprinkling vinegar on salads or just taking a neat dose can greatly reduce the blood sugar or insulin spikes after a meal. So, partaking of vinegar is also a great way to treat diabetes naturally.

Is it possible to cure diabetes in 30 days using natural remedies?

Bitter Gourd is another great way to treat diabetes naturally. The juice of this vegetable not only helps in treating diabetes but also keeps your complexion radiant and free from pimples.

bitter melon

Green tea can reduce blood sugar levels, and this property can be used to treat diabetes because its active ingredients stimulate the blood, helps with liver and pancreatic cancer, rheumatism, kidney stone disease.

Herbs such as onion and garlic have been used to lower blood sugar levels. Blueberry leaves have a long history of being used for diabetes. In Europe blueberry leaves have been used for its ability to improve blood flow i.e. treatment of eye disease in diabetics. China uses ginseng for its ability to enhance the release of insulin from the pancreas.


Astragalus is an old standby in Chinese traditional medicine. Research has proven its effectiveness in regulating glucose levels. It can also prevent or slow the formation of cataracts, which are common in canines with diabetes, as well as boosting your immune system.

Another effective ways to treat diabetes naturally is to eat soaked fenugreek seeds and drink the water that they were soaked in. It’s a great way to reduce blood sugar.

Exercise regularly. I’m sorry but you cannot get away from it. Exercise increases the sensitivity of your insulin receptors, causing the insulin already present to work much more effectively, so your body doesn’t need to produce as much.

Diabetes is not a disease per se. It can be more aptly called a “lifestyle disorder” and can seriously hamper a person’s life. Fortunately there are many ways to treat diabetes with natural cures.


Diabetes is not an infectious or cancerous disease; it is caused purely due to the bad choices made in lifestyle and eating habits. Antibiotics and allopathic medicines have a lot of side effects and can do more harm than good. So, the next obvious choice is to find ways to treat diabetes with natural cures.


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