How to control type 2 diabetes naturally

Let us first take a look at what causes diabetes. Medical textbooks state that it is caused from a decline of the production of insulin. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that aids in breaking down carbohydrates in the body.


Research shows that adopting a diet in line with Mediterranean eating habits can help manage type 2 diabetes without taking drugs. What exactly do they mean by a Mediterranean diet?

This diet comes from the cultures that ring the Mediterranean Sea including Italian, Greek, and others. It contains a diet rich in vegetables and whole grains. Surprisingly it also has about 30% of calories coming from fat derived sources. The most source of fat though is olive oil. The diet also replaces most of the red meat consumption with fish and chicken. No more than 50% of daily calories can come from carbohydrates.

Processed foods can carry a significant amount of sugar and salt. Diabetics should choose foods from the diabetes and food pyramid, when trying to implement a healthy and nutritious meal. The food pyramid consists of foods from the bread, vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy and fat groups. Individuals are encouraged to start from the bottom of the pyramid, and work their way toward the top.

Go for some natural diabetes food such as amla, garlic clove and other such things: They are believed to help individuals reduce the insulin level and manage their rising level of diabetes.


Sometimes people use grapefruit to heal their diabetes. Actually, it has different taste with other oranges, but it has good advantages to reduce blood sugar effectively. Doctor also recommends this fruit to be eaten for controlling diabetes.

If you have been newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, one of the first things your doctor will recommend is that you start exercising. One of the most popular exercises for diabetics is walking. If, like the majority of people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you have been leading a “couch potato” lifestyle, walking is the easiest way to get your body moving.

Most diabetics are dehydrated. If you look at the symptoms of diabetes, a landmark symptom is increased thirst. Lemon converts water into a beverage that helps your body become more alkaline. Our blood is mostly alkaline and therefore our body heals faster and thrives when it is alkaline. Having lemon and water daily, in between meals, can neutralize some of the harmful effects of the acids in your daily diet.


Nowadays, people can take a treatment at home. They can heal their diabetes without visiting doctor as routine as you do. This is according to research by diabetes specialists. They work together to have contrivance to heal diabetes. Most of them are natural ingredients.


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