How to cure diabetes without medicine

Are you suffering from diabetes, you are not alone. Over 300 million people suffer from diabetes and this number is increasing everyday. Diabetes is a silent killer for those who have it but more so for those who have been undiagnosed. Many people go undiagnosed for years. Diabetes can cause frequent urination, blurred vision, and abdominal pains.


So what can you do to cure your diabetes right now? We’ve all heard of people who were severely overweight and had diabetes. Then they lost weight and were able to get off of their diabetes medication. It is not advisable to try to get off of your diabetes medication by yourself without your doctor’s approval. However you can make some serious lifestyle changes that will increase the odds that you can cure yourself of diabetes.

Do not skip meals and make sure to eat breakfast! Everybody needs to eat 5 to 6 small meals a day to keep their blood sugar at the level that their body can handle. The last thing you want are dips and spikes in blood sugar. Stay away from simple sugars and keep carbohydrates to a minimum. Do not remove them completely from your diet or you will have no energy. Remember that moderation is key.

Drinking adequate amounts of water is crucial for successful weight loss but many people tend to misunderstand how to drink water the right way. Drink at least six to eight glasses of water per day but make sure that you drink it throughout the day. For example drinking a glass of water after breakfast, the second one two to three hours later, the third and the fourth one before and after the meal, etc.

drink water

Green tea contains catechizes that increase the burning of fats even if you do not exercise a lot. Having a cup of tea before you do a little working out will help you keep away that extra weight.

Cinnamon is an effect way to help stabilize blood sugar, sometimes called the “poor man’s insulin”. Now did you know that the cinnamon you buy at your favorite supermarket may not really be cinnamon at all? Originally all cinnamon came from Ceylon, but now most cinnamon sold in the US comes from Indonesia, big difference.

Ground cinnamon can be added to shakes, juice and other foods including coffee or tea. Add 1/4 teaspoon per serving, 2 servings a day is recommended. At this level of dosage, it has been shown to lower the blood sugar leaves from 29% to 18%.

Eat right kind of foods. Choose among different food groups that contain 40 kinds of nutrient your body needs. Ensure that you include whole grain, vegetables and fruits in your diet which promotes easy elimination and control of body weight. More so, this will provide you important vitamins and mineral essential to fight back illnesses. You may also follow dietary guidelines recommended if you are able to research.


Change your diet. You do not have to completely and suddenly stop eating what you are used to, but you need to start cutting down on sugar foods, and start eating healthy. There are certain nutrients, vitamins and minerals that when consumed help the pancreas perform better, reduce your diabetic conditions and give you a healthy you. It does not take much effort, but it takes you wanting to change your life.


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