How to get rid of type 2 diabetes naturally

It’s a basic perception considered one of people with diabetes to use pills to control sugar ranges. Prescription drugs can be a fast technique to get, but they have their own share of damaging side-effects. The use of drug treatments purely mask the ailment and never ever treat the cause.

How to get rid of type 2 diabetes naturally

Many people do not want to be on these medications. There are side effects that come with them. There are always risks to taking them. Your body can even build up resistance to them and render them useless. So why continue to take the pills or inject the insulin every day?

Thankfully, you will discover treatment method approaches to treat diabetes naturally. Many individuals now opt for this natural remedy transforming their diets, exercise habits and mindset.

We all know that diabetics suffer from thirst. Therefore you should be eating lots of cucumbers since they are packed full of nutrients and water. Many diabetes doctors agree that cucumbers are one of the healthiest vegetables for patients with diabetes. They are part of the Mediterranean diet and should be a big part of your diet.


What’s in a cucumber that’s so good for us? Well, there is vitamin C, carotene, fiber, and many minerals to help you. Plus it is full of water. Yes, pickles are made of cucumbers, but that does not count as they have too much salt which counteracts the benefits. Cucumbers also have a nutrient that helps prevent sugar from becoming fat.

Mix half teaspoon powdered bay leaf and half teaspoon turmeric powder. Add the mixture to aloe Vera gel and take before lunch and dinner. This is beneficial in treating diabetes.

Fenugreek is also very effective in treating the diabetes. Soak the seed of fenugreek overnight and take it in the empty stomach in early morning. You can also use fenugreek leaves in cooking in order to cure diabetes.


Reduce your carbohydrate intake. Carbohydrates such as starch and sugar are quickly broken down into glucose during digestion, which is then absorbed into the bloodstream. The more carbs you eat, the higher and faster your blood rises. Therefore, you can control your blood sugar level by reducing your carbohydrate intake.

In essence, what you require to do to start curing type 2 diabetes is this: consume healthy carbs (instead of avoiding carbs), for example broccoli, oat, and spinach. Don’t forget to consume healthy proteins for example fish, nuts, as well as skinless chicken breast. In addition, get healthy fats such as organic flax oil and also adequate liquids from filtered water or raw juices.

As a diabetic you should be eating lots of vegetables to cure yourself of your diabetes. Along with a good diet you can cure yourself of this illness, but this is only the first step. You need to follow a detailed program from HERE!



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