Reversing type 2 diabetes naturally

Back in the 1800’s, the average person only consumed 25 mg of sugar per day. Most foods were eaten in its most natural state. Nowadays, with processed foods, microwave dinners and convenience dine-out the average person consumes over 100mg of sugar per day. That is four times as much as we did long ago. People who are obese have been calculated to consume as much as 500 mg per day of sugar or more. So it is of no wonder why diabetes disorder is on the rise.

Reversing type 2 diabetes naturally

You can make fresh juice with Jambul fruit. It contain of glucoside that will control blood sugar level. It gives good effect to pancreas. You can take the seeds, dry it and start to make powder. You can take the powder to be mixed with your low fat milk.

Drinking water is also beneficial. Make water your first choice in beverages. There are hundreds of benefits of water and reversing diabetes is one of them.

Fig leaves helps in the treatment of diabetes. In other words, it is known for its anti-diabetic properties. As a diabetic, you will need less insulin if you are opting for the extracts of fig leaves. You need to take the fresh extracts of fig leaves early in the morning. You can also boil the fig leaves and drink it in the form of tea.


One mineral that has been proven to help control blood sugar by keeping it low is North American Ginseng. All as it takes is 3 grams of this diabetes natural cure to lower blood sugar levels by just about 60 percent. For more than 5,000 years, traditional Chinese medicine has used ginseng. This mineral has excellent healing properties. This new diabetes treatment can consist of berries, capsules, or tea.

Simple carbohydrates are not what you need to eat if you have plans on lowering your blood sugar without medication. Simple carbohydrates like white bread, candy, white pasta, etc. enter your bloodstream too quickly causes the spike in your blood glucose. Stick to whole wheat/whole grain products. These types of food sources absorb much slower.


If you are sedentary now is the time to bring some physical activity onto the scene. The average person’s diet is becoming richer in calories (kilo joules), yet no exercise is done to burn off those extra calories. Regular exercise helps to keep you in a healthy weight range and improves your body’s sensitivity to insulin. Exercise really is medicine to the type 2 diabetic. it reduces your blood sugar levels.

You should aim for at least 30-45 minutes of exercise daily. Did you know that 80% of people who combine dieting and exercising will almost immediately lose weight? This will help normalize blood sugar levels and eventually reverse diabetes.

For those of you truly serious about preventing and putting an end to diabetes in your life and finding a natural cure for diabetes – here’s something that’s worked for a lot of people.

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There is no “miracle”, “Silver Bullet” cure. but armed with the newest cutting edge research and information, many have reversed their diabetes, and have been able to throw away their medications!



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