Type 2 diabetes what to eat

Diabetes is due to the breakdown of the pancreas by an over-acidification of your system. By alkalizing and energizing your body you can slowly rebuild your pancreas. With your pancreas functioning optimally, you no longer experience the symptoms associated with ‘Diabetes’.

Type 2 diabetes what to eat

In a recent study conducted, it was discovered that diabetic patients can greatly reduce their blood sugar levels by just taking half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day. You can use cinnamon on wheat toast, oatmeal, baked apples and chicken meals. You can also prepare cinnamon teas by soaking their sticks in hot water to produce nice soothing and medicinal tea.

Avoid carbohydrates which can be in many of the grains, breads and cereals you eat. You should drastically decrease your carbohydrate intake. Carbs turn into sugars after the body processes them.

Always eat protein at every meal and snack. It will in itself slow the rush of glucose but even more importantly stimulates a hormone that works in opposition to insulin. That hormone is glucagon.

Tart cherries have some pretty impressive health benefits. Not only are they rich in antioxidants, but studies had shown they lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease – due to their anti-inflammatory effects.

Tart cherries

Jamun’s seeds, leaves, fruit, and juice of syszygium cumini are helpful as well. The seeds prevent conversion of starch into sugar. So, you have to drink half cup of water mashed with 3 to 4 leaves of jamun tree. You can take it for 5 to 10 days and chew 3 to 4 leaves of jamun morning and evening.

Increase your omega-3 intake as this improves insulin sensitivity and in turn reduces your diabetes risk. You can do this by including fish and seafood at least twice a week.

Multi-Vitamins and minerals are also very useful. B-Complex vitamins are a good part in any multi-vitamin. Vitamin B-6 (50 – 150 mg a day), vitamin B12 (1000 – 3000 mcg). These vitamins are extremely helpful in protecting against homeopathy or nerve damage, also in reversing heal diabetes naturally.

Become active! Your lifestyle and exercise is extremely critical in reversing in diabetes. You should try exercising for a minimum time of 30 minutes a day. You may wish to take 2 days off a week so you don’t get burned out. The reason why exercise is so critical is because it aids insulin’s productivity.


Unfortunately the doctor puts the person on the drugs the moment a person is diagnosed with this chronic ailment, diabetes. Further the person has to suffer many dietary restrictions throughout the life. It is good to learn about reversing the heal diabetes naturally so that you can stay away from facing many health related complications.

So it becomes pretty simple, change your eating habits and change the way you feel! Your decision to go sugar free can’t be just an “I’ll try it to see if it works” decision. To change your eating habits to a sugar free dietary program will require a quality decision on your part. You will need to determine if the change is right for you. Do research, read everything you can find about the benefits and then make your decision-one way or the other.



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