Ways to control diabetes naturally

What are some simple cures for diabetes? This question is Googled numerous times every day by diabetic sufferers who are trying to naturally reverse diabetes. And most sufferers realize that their diet is one of the most important parts of the cure!


Finding the right minerals is also very important to diabetics. For instance, most diabetics are deficient in potassium. You should immediately supplement potassium rich foods (like bananas) as well as a potassium supplement.

Dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, avocados and whole grains are an excellent source of magnesium. Magnesium is known to lower blood pressure, relax the heart muscles, and control homo-cysteine which is known to trigger heart disease and diabetes.


New studies also show that using cinnamon in your diet can also be beneficial. Cinnamon reduces blood glucose levels, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol which can all add up to a great natural diabetic cure. You should supplement 500 mg of cinnamon extract daily.

Mix equal amounts of raw mango and Indian plum juices and drink this for thrice in a day. This helps in curing diabetes naturally if regularly taken for a month.

Stress can also contribute to increase blood sugar. So it’s always good that you avoid stress making situations. If you are in office, plan your work so that your work is going on smoothly as planned. Relax and refresh a while if you are tired of brain work.


A diabetic should generally keep his body physically moving as far as possible rather than keeping lazy for any reason. Specifically, daytime sleeping is the first enemy for a diabetic. Having exercise routine can help you keep the body system active. Here exercise is not to build up your body muscles with stamina but to make the internal parts function properly. Specifically the blood circulation system is kept active. That way, you can reduce blood sugar by enabling active role of pancreas.

Cycling is a great way to exercise for Diabetics. It is a great way to reduce blood sugar levels and has the added benefits of being good for the heart and muscles.

Your lifestyle and attitude. It is surprising how much you have the ability to determine your health. Many studies have revealed a large correlation between happy people and sad people. Happy people are exceedingly lower numbers of health problems (including diabetes). With this said, you have the ability to change your future and cure your diabetes. Begin your cure with a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle!


So what is the secret these thousands of former diabetics learned? There is no secret. They just learned to eat right and to exercise with regularity. Does this sound like something you can do?


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